TV is one of the most influential and on demand platform for advertisement by most of the brands, varying from GEC's (general entertainment channels to all the big news bulletins, we cover it all for our clients.

We help clients enhance and better utilize their media spend

  • Great way to advertise your goods and products as it reaches a wider audience from different backgrounds.
  • Television uses both senses of vision and hearing.
  • Appealing to the audience

Regular FCT Ad

The regular types of ad that are played during the commercial break on Tv shows. They are the most popular ad format and the rates for these are mentioned on the site

Aston Band

Aston Band ads are costlier than commercial break ads because they cannot be ignored. These flash ads are played on TV along with actual content. They are usually placed on the bottom of the screen.

Scrollers Ad

short duration ad which plays itself in a marquee format and scrolls from one end of the screen to other. The rate of a scroller advertisement depends upon the popularity of the channel.

L Band

L band ad is place on the left side and bottom of the screen in an L shaped pattern. These ads are costlier than commercial break ads, because here again, ignoring the Ad is difficult.

Teleshopping ad

eleshopping ads refer to those ads which are broadcast in the form of a pre recorded program. Generally this programmed advertisement can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes long. .

Content integration

ontent integration is another popular television advertising option.


TV, in all its forms, is the world’s favourite video. On average, based on the available data, TV accounts for 90% of the average viewer’s video time.


One of the strong benefits of newspaper advertising is that newspapers offer a variety of ways to target a particular audience.


Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas


Radio stations cater for particular audiences and use different formats offering brands a great opportunity to speak directly to the market segment they’re targeting.


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