We will collect, minimum of Rs 1 Crore advance, from clients, for his year long expenses on media. He consumers media in equal monthly/quarterly installments which we provide him at his buying rates,and we return 50% of the amount at the end of the year

Benefits of the model

Media spend is
given to us on Day 1
Client uses
media through the year
Client gets
cash back over period
>> Media + Cash return = Profit
Your Ad budget Media BEMISALES provides Cash returned to you
Rs.X Rs.X Rs.X/2

In this model, instead of buying media every month you can procure goods and services of equal worth from us.


TV, in all its forms, is the world’s favourite video. On average, based on the available data, TV accounts for 90% of the average viewer’s video time.


One of the strong benefits of newspaper advertising is that newspapers offer a variety of ways to target a particular audience.


Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas


Radio stations cater for particular audiences and use different formats offering brands a great opportunity to speak directly to the market segment they’re targeting.


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